La Cucina del Gusto By Chef Carmen


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Buon Giorno Carmen!!! Thank you for making our visit to Sorrento memorable. We enjoyed our cooking class it was the highlight of our time in Sorrento!!! I have told everyone about the fun experience we had. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Sorrento. 10 Stars Plus!!! Topping off our last night eating at your restaurant Locando del Gusto was the Icing on the Cake. Susan Mastrangelo & Brett Brattvet

Simply outstanding!!! Chef Carmen brings her own, unique brand of enthusiasm and intensity to her classes. For her students, it's like Dorothy and Toto being swept up into a culinary tornado and deposited into a Land of Oz solely for people who love good food, the enjoyment of making good food and the delight of enjoying that food with good friends and good wine. Chef Carmen brings a highly charged zest for life to her classes that is just infectious!

My family of 6 adults took Carmen's 4 hour class on May 23, 2018. We made gnocchi, ravioli, sea bass and tiramisu. The entire experience was fantastic and will be remembered by all. The group of people we were cooking with were from all over the world and really enjoyed the class. One realizes how much effort is needed to cook such a fine dinner. Carmen and her staff were most helpful. After preparing the dishes we then got to savor the meal. Carmen's class is a highlight of our trip. She even sent everyone a copy of all the recipes. We thank you for such a memorable experience. Regards, Diane Stabile

Carmen is an absolute rock star. Our family of eight joined Carmen for a full day of cooking and she was an excellent hostess! We have a wide range of cooking abilities and she was able to meet us each where we were at. She was personable, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. Hands down, the best experience of our Italian vacation was cooking with Carmen. We made gnocchi, fettuncini, tiramisu, eggplant parmigiana and it was the best meal we had. We hope to bring Carmen to the states to cook with us there! She is phenomenal! Couldn't say more about this lovely lady and her team! We will be back!

Fantastic Cookery Class well worth it for all of the family. This was great, this is the second time my family has been on the cooking course, the first time was my Daughter and Wife and the second time all four of us including my seven year old son. Chef Carmen is lovely, she takes her time showing you how to cook real Italian food, this time we made Caprese Style Ravioli, Italian Chicken dish and Cannoli's. Firstly for a non cook (me) it was actually really enjoyable, such good fun and normally I really don't like cooking. My seven year old son James thoroughly enjoyed it, Chef Carmen patiently spent loads of time with him and he said at the end of the holiday it was the best part. She also carefully explains how to prepare the dishes as you make them and the mistakes to watch out for. We also were served Wine which was excellent and ate the food we made, all in all we could not fault this I can honestly say its a great experience, enjoyable for everyone, would be good doing this in any type of weather and Chef Carmen is such a lovely, friendly and helpful Chef. Just book it you really can't go wrong. Fantastic.

We had a wonderful time, learned some great recipes, ate and drank well while taking Carmen's class. We highly recommend taking one of her. She is a knowledgeable and very skilled chef. The dishes she chose for us to make were absolutely delicious.

What a blast we had taking Carmen's cooking class. It was so much fun and we learned so very much!!! Carmen is the best!! My husband is Italian and this was our first visit to Italy and we love cooking Italian food, but wanted to learn for some Italian chefs. Carmen made it so much fun and we learned a lot. The Rolled Eggplant was so very good!!! Carmen said my husband reminded her of her cousin Salvatore, so she called him that all night. Either no no Salvatore, or very good Salvatore. Our classmates were great too. I highly recommend this cooking class, you will learn and have so much fun at the same time!! Thank you again Carmen for such a great evening, we enjoyed the Prosecci, lessons and the food was amazing!!! Grazie Mille, Don and Colleen from South Carolina.

This was a highlight to my once in a lifetime trip to Italy !!! Can't say enough about this experience ! Great food, great experience ! Chef Carmen was awesome, patience of a saint ! We connected. Brought her cookbook and will try...need some lemincello and olive oil ?!? The class and participants was the best. Doesn't get any better than this. If you ever get the chance you have to do this class! Guaranteed you won't have any regrets. Thank you, Chef Carmen..... Hope I get to see you again sometime.